DoubleGreen N°1 CBD flowers

DoubleGreen N°1 CBD flowers

Sativa dominant Swiss cannabis flowers with distinctive aromas

  • 100% from Bio Suisse cultivation
  • 100% natural cannabis flavor
  • 100% free from pesticides, herbicides, tobacco & nicotine
  • 100% Legal | < 1% THC | ~ 16% CBD
Aus kontrolliertem, biologischem Anbau.
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The sativa dominant DoubleGreen CBD cannabis originates from the Fedora genetics, which were refined into DoubleGreen through years of breeding. The flowers have a CBD content of ~ 16% and a THC content of less than 1%. These CBD flowers have no intoxicating effect, as the THC content is less than 1%. This means that they are 100% legal in Switzerland and can be sold and consumed.

Truly Swiss

The DoubleGreen CBD flowers are grown in Swiss greenhouses. No chemical products are used during the entire cultivation and flowering period. Everything that is used is 100% organic. This means that the CBD flowers are free of any pesticides, herbicides, tobacco, nicotine or other harmful substances.

DoubleGreen not only places great value on the quality of the CBD flowers and their cultivation, but also on everything else that goes with it. All of the machines used to trim and dry the flowers come from Switzerland. All of the packaging was also manufactured and printed in Switzerland. Swissness and quality are our top priority.

Excellent in taste

Our DoubleGreen cannabis will seduce you with its distinctive aromas. A light hint of Haze, accompanied by a sweet note, make the flowers a real delight.

Strong packaging

The packaging not only stands out due to its cool design, but also due to its high quality and functionality. It is equipped with a tamper-evident adhesive and an integrated snap fastener. The bag can be resealed - so unwanted odors remain in the packaging.

The CBD flowers also come with a Bóveda pillow with 2-way humidification to ensure that the humidity remains at a constant level. This means that the flowers stay fresh and do not feel dry even after a long time.